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Oct 10, 2012 11:00pm EDT
to the maties and held discussions with 14 leaders in the region, turkey, israel jordan and iraq. i've been to all of those countries, most of the more than once. my name is than to make sure that we are all prepared with options for the challenges ahead. both the near-term issues in iran and syria and longer-term issues resulting from the arab spring. there are some countries i have not visited yet but i plan to. china and india are high on my list and so is russia. you know i have not yet visited moscow i have had several productive meetings with my russian counterpart nikolai mccarver of in washington d.c., europe and by video teleconference several times. i could go on but as you can tell i'm working hard on my friends list. one final thought. during all of these travels our servicemen and women are always for most of my thoughts. they and their families have been through a lot. they are an inspiration. i saw this when i was honored to go to london to the united states delegation to the paralympics. are athletes, especially the wounded warriors, 20 of the 200 were wounded warriors, defi
Oct 12, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, as one of the turning points in al qaeda's fortress was the attack on america in jordan in 2005, which killed almost entirely jordanians. lack of widespread coverage in the arab world. so i think in iraq people saw what al qaeda like regime would impose on the population. i think i ran this quite a lot of understanding of this. >> troop. i think about a month after that people were very upset. i mean, colleagues took out full-page ads in the papers announcing the attacks. it is a real backlash against that. but she see a lot of that appeared in a country where an attack is carried out, people usually supported tax outside their country. >> to talk about what happened in benghazi after the attack. >> and ghazi -- libya is very different because they are very supportive of the west for what they did in overthrowing gadhafi as opposed to other countries, where no one asked for american aid and got military support. but the point is i used to live in the admin. and in yemen, people were very supportive of attacks against the american military and american civilians. they were supportive of
Oct 18, 2012 11:00pm EDT
, it was the consolidation of israel's stranglehold on western air of israel the side of the jordan. his major asset being perfect american accent and his american football the cavalry. bv did not see himself only as an israeli leader. his self-perception is of a israeli-american political maestro with a single constituency, divided into two parts, one on the shores of the -- and one between the two shining sees of this hemisphere. i doubt if the vcs and the limits to his bipartisan plausibility in this country. why should he? considering how often and how easily he has outmaneuvered and outmatched first clinton and now obama. iran's nuclear program does pose a threat to israel's nuclear monopoly. it does pose a threat to israel's superpower, regional superpower status. what is this not to is pose an existential threat to israel. that it does not do and that military and intelligence establishments of israel know this. bp bebe's focus on iran's nuclear program is a monstrous red herring. he needs to divert attention from his top priority. what is his top priority? his top priority is his unfinished scient
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3